About Me


There’s not a lot to tell here if I’m honest. I like computers and I’ve been working with them for quite a long time. A lot of my skills are self taught, while in the past 3 years I’ve been employed as a full time web developer. This has really helped me branch out in to software, it’s quite a nice feeling to write your own software for something when you can’t find something for free on the internet.

If you’re reading this you’re now realising that I don’t do this full time, I’m not looking to take over the planet with my little PC company. The way I do business with people is very personal, I don’t like dealing with big companies with middle management numpties, I like dealing with people one to one and I actually take the time to explain things.

If you are running a small business and need some simple IT help, you should get in touch with me. As I also deal with web and software, I can often help to provide business solutions as well as just fix things.